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        Jiangsu aosikang new energy Co., Ltd

        • 25P low temperature type heating and cooling machine

          25P low temperature type heating and cooling machine

          Aoskon ultra-low temperature circulating unit combines a hot water unit and an air conditioner into one, integrating functionality, practicality, and energy saving. It has three functions of heating, hot water and refrigeration, and five control modes: refrigeration, Hot water, heating, cooling + hot water, heating + hot water. Oskon air source makes full use of the air Energy and condensation heat is a new product with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Aoskang air energy ultra-low temperature unit system design, intelligent control and fine-tuning, simple operation, short pipeline flow, good oil return, improve the stability and reliability of the system.

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        • Heat pump hot air unit

          Heat pump hot air unit

          Compared with the traditional refrigeration equipment, the central air-conditioning unit has an operating cost of only 1/3 of that of the traditional equipment, which is a more economical choice. High-quality accessories enable the unit to maintain efficient and stable operation throughout the year, and the breakthrough humanized design gives you the best refrigeration experience. Aerospace quality, precision manufacturing.

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